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About Us

 "A new and refreshing look at the right of way industry."

- Former DOT Right of Way Supervisor 

“In my experience, Commonstreet provides exceptional real estate services - focused on results and client needs...consistently above and beyond expectations.”

M.R. Principal Project Engineer/Senior Vice President


We're proud of what this right of way team has accomplished and where we're going. On any given day, we're negotiating with small town farmers somewhere in rural America or settling a major acquisition with the owner of a high rise apartment building in downtown Seattle. Collectively, our staff has had the privilege of managing the right of way task for 6 capital works projects exceeding $1 billion each. As our experience grew over the years, our founders believed industry changes were needed. 


First, we wanted to remedy what we saw was a serious lack of managerial and technical competency in the industry by creating a right of way "dream team" of sorts from some of the best producers available. Second, we knew we needed to be a special place of business in order to keep such people. Third, we wanted responsiveness, proactive leadership, a culture of asking the right questions, and a mindset of taking responsibility for project milestones, to be the norm. In short, we set out to be a true consultant.  And so, with a bit of vision, a lot of heart, and a shoestring budget, Commonstreet was born.

With new industry experts being added all the time, we've grown to four offices in Spokane and Tacoma, WA, Salem, OR and our headquarters in downtown Seattle. Drop us a line sometime; we'd love to talk shop and see how we can help.

Recognized by Inc. Magazine as the Fastest Growing Right of Way Services Firm in the Country - 4 Years in a row!

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Our industry is heavily dependent on knowledge of laws and procedure. With much of the industry experts retiring and moving on to greener pastures, Commonstreet recognized the increasing need to have former DOT, FTA and FAA staff on hand in senior management and/or advisory capacities to ensure state and federal requirements are met. Considering the risks that agencies face if state and federal guidelines are not adhered to, we feel that having such expertise on hand is moving in the right direction.


The successful delivery of a right of way program is also largely dependent upon understanding risk elements that delay the project team's schedule. What can be done to reduce delivery times for various milestones in the process? How can condemnation risk be mitigated or avoided entirely? There are dozens of elements in an acquisition and relocation process that can take longer than anticipated; have we identified these and developed corresponding remedies? As a matter of course, our team has developed a systematic approach over several years that tackles each of these questions head on. We don't run a project any other way.


This is a huge distinction of Commonstreet's management approach and is one of our top three values. In our experience, being a true team partner means taking a well-thought through, proactive management approach from project inception. It means actually leading task force meetings and not being complacent, it means asking the right questions and knowing how a right of way issue could come up in the future, it means feeling a sense of ownership of the team's schedule constraints, anticipating potential delays and collaborating with the project team on remedies. It means developing systems to protect the client in the event of an audit. In short, it's actually working seriously toward fulfilling the promises you say on your website and shiny marketing materials. 

Our Approach
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